Thursday, July 8, 2010

Charles Dickens Museum--July 7,2010

Charles Dickens and his young family lived at this house on Doughty street from 1837 to 183. Dickens wrote some of his well known early works, including Pickwick Papers and Oliver Twist while living in this house.

The house has been furnished to resemble how it would have looked during Dickens' lifetime. Many personal items and pieces of furniture owned by Dickens are included.

There is a small library downstairs in what was originally a kitchen. The collection includes copies of different editions of Dickens' works as well as first and rare editions. As an example, over a hundred different editions of Oliver Twist are displayed. Only a small portion of the museum's collection is on view.

The museum is operated by The Dickens Fellowship, an international organization dedicated to furthering interest and enthusiasm in Dickens life and works. For more information, please see the website for the Charles Dickens Museum.

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